Rock the Block is the promotional name of Al and Linda Howland.


Our intention is to foster all forms of traditional jive, including Lindy Hop, Balboa, Boogie-Woogie, Blues and other swing dance forms  in the Norwich area and East Anglia.



We support other independent dance organisations with a common aim wherever practical and compatible.  We arrange occasional cross style dances and bring the best in teaching and dance entertainment to the area.  In the past we have arranged lessons and workshops by Julie Oram , Simon Selmon, Taina Kortelainen, Nigel & Nina, Joseph & Trisha Sewell, Jason & Claire Burnham, Gary & Sara Boon, Paul Claydon & Fae Arnold, Hoc & Mark, Dan & Christi Guest, Bill Borgida and Maria Trodella, Hasse and Marie Mattsson, Henric and Joanna Stillman, Julee Mertz and Marty Klempner. 


We have had live bands appear at the dances such as The Lee Vasey Big Band, Swervy World and The Bus Stop Boys.  The evenings are supported only by top DJ's such as the infamous Jon Brett often with special guest appearances from names such as Ronnie Slide, Paul 'Pin Bal' Claydon, Simon Selmon and Gary Boon. 


Our dance events have rightly developed a reputation for being ones not to be missed.

Please watch this site for details of forthcoming events                                                           .

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for Al and Linda

by Caroline Hall, with thanks (or apologies) to Cole Porter


When Al and Linda started Lindy Hop

Nobody knew they’d never stop tapping toes,

Any Swing Goes.

But now it seems that they will never cease,

‘Til ev’ry dancing dude in East Anglia knows,

Any Swing Goes.


So now we can Rock the Block,

we can Jump the Cut,

    we can Have a Bal’,

we can Swing out East.

If that eight-count beat does

something to your feet,

You should try one of those.


And here at Bylaugh it don’t mean a thing

if it ain’t got that swing, and the feeling grows.  Any Swing Goes


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Al and Linda


"Keep on Rocking!!"